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Nutritionist-Dietitian specializing in
eating disorders

Enjoy eating without guilt through the anti-diet and intuitive eating approach!

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To schedule a meeting, please contact us and expect a response within 24 business hours.

Target customers

Teenagers and adults looking to establish a healthy relationship with their eating habits and body image.

Personalized service

A warm atmosphere, offering non-judgmental listening and empathy.

Nutritional assessment

Evaluation of current eating behaviors, dietary analysis, and personalized action plan.

About us

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My name is Laurence Gauvin, and I am a nutritionist-dietitian and a member of the ODNQ. I have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Montreal. With over 15 years of experience in nutritional consultation and counseling, I specialize in eating disorders and healthy weight management. Together with my warm and passionate team, we offer you an intuitive and gentle approach to eating for the purpose of achieving overall well-being. I look forward to speaking with you!

Eating disorders

Healthy weight management

Anti-diet approach

Intuitive eating

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Build trust with your body

An approach based on benevolence and compassion

We follow the biopsychosocial model, which emphasizes finding a balance between physical, nutritional, and psychological well-being. This customizable approach, grounded in the latest scientific research, encourages tuning into the body and respecting its hunger and satiety signals. Through our anti-diet approach, you will rediscover your food freedom and the joy of intuitive eating while fostering a trusting relationship with your body.

A personal journey, one step at a time

A personalized support

To successfully reach goals step by step, it is crucial to establish a trusting environment for making changes in eating habits. Empathy, non-judgmental listening, and a warm atmosphere are essential for each individual’s unique journey.

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Our expertise

At LauGau Nutrition on the South Shore, we assist individuals with eating disorders by promoting body awareness and intuitive eating in their everyday lives.

Eating disorders

TCAs should never be taken lightly. Ask for help. It's never too late !

Issue of the relationship to weight and food

A multifactorial problem.

Unspecified eating disorders

Excessive preoccupation with weight and diet.

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Bariatric surgery

Induce weight loss by altering the functioning of the digestive system.

Other eating disorders

Bigorexia and orthorexia are also part of the EDs in which we specialize.

Chronic diseases and various conditions

Adjusting your diet can change your life.

A trustworthy and attentive team

Our professionals

Our nutritionist-dietitians welcome you to our South Shore clinic or provide guidance during a virtual consultation.

Laurence Gauvin spécialisée en nutrition

Laurence Gauvin

Founder and Director of LauGau, ODNQ member, nutritionist specializing in eating disorders for adults and adolescents.

Diététiste Danya Beauregard

Danya Beauregard

ODNQ member, nutritionist specializing in eating disorders for adults.

Nutritionniste Gabriela Machado

Gabriela Machado

ODNQ member, nutritionist specializing in eating disorders in adults.

Catherine Panneton, nutritionniste en troubles alimentaires

Catherine Panneton

ODNQ member, nutritionist specializing in eating disorders for adults and adolescents.

Maude Martinez, nutritionniste-diététicienne

Maude Martinez

ODNQ member, nutritionist specializing in eating disorders for adults and adolescents.

Marie-Eve Deschênes, nutritonniste

Marie-Eve Deschênes

ODNQ member, nutritionist specializing in eating disorders for adults.

Frédérique Dignard

Nutritionist specializing in adults + adolescents

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