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My services are characterized as psychological health services in nutrition.
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Nutritionists are the only health professionals recognized by the Professional Code as being specialists in human nutrition and food.
With their solid scientific background, nutritionists/dietitians actively participate in maintaining and restoring the health of the population.
The profession of dietitian is regulated in Canada; you must be a member of a provincial order (ODNQ in Quebec) to be able to practice as “dietitian” and use the title reserved for him.
The title of “nutritionist” is also a reserved title in some provinces, including Quebec.
Supervision available

Are you nutritionist?

Are you a nutritionist and would you like to have more tools to guide your clientele towards wellness in the field of eating disorders?
It will be my pleasure to help you better understand and motivate your clients suffering from these complex diseases.
The supervisions that I give are of one hour duration and can be counted as hours of training (CEU) for your professional inspection of the ‘ODNQ.
An analysis of current eating habits
Identification of eating behaviors that could be problematic, weight history
An analysis of food
Meal structure, eating habits
An action plan
Simple and individualized, based on your current eating habits
Follow-up and adjustment of the action plan
Identify your difficulties and resistances
A motivational coaching
Face your fears, believe in yourself and your abilities
Personalized advice and tools to promote change
Let yourself be guided towards food freedom
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Follow up psychological

I work jointly with psychologists for the treatment of eating disorders, as well as for weight management. Following your nutritional assessment, an appropriate treatment plan will be proposed to you.
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Are you a health professional interested in the issue of weight and body image and do you want to work in a multidisciplinary way? I will be happy to discuss this with you.
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